Efterlysning - Info om Tangentbord till Alfaskop 3700

Det kom ett mail från David Evers (Nederländerna) med en undran om magnetiska knappar mm.
Är det någon som kan hjälpa? Svara gärna på engelska.


The computer museum in Denmark directed me to you, maybe your association can help me.

On my attic I found an old Datasaab keyboard. I already found out that it belonged to a datasaab alfaskop 3700 Terminal, which I don't have anymore. Also I found out that the keyboard uses magnetic keys, which were quite special according to some stories.

I was wondering if you can tell me more about the keyboard and maybe also what is is worth. Attached some photos of the keyboard.

Like to hear from you.

Best regards,

/Mats Berglind

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Matts Pettersson kommenterade 2019-07-17 17:01
The keyboard was designed by me at the time. The key-switches were using a Reed-element which were operated via the key which were holding a small magnet.
The keyboard had a built in loudspeaker which gave a click-sound at each keystroke, to simulate the sound of a traditional typewriter, as a feedback.
The keyboard was the first Stansaab keyboard designed with a LSI-circuit. These keyboards were produced in several thousand units and were very reliable.

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