Efterlysning av dokumentation till Alfaskop 3270 kompatibla terminaler från Nokia/ICL

Vi har fått en förfrågan från Herr Dave Wade, en datorentusiast i Manchester, England.

Om det är det någon som kan hjälpa till med information så han kan få utrustningen fungerande så är han mycket tacksam. Visst vore det kul om vi kunde hjälpa till!

Mr Dave Wade skriver:

"I have one of the terminals working but there are some issues. I can get into some configuration options, but I think there are others I can’t access.

So the first thing would be an installation setup manual. A user guide might also have that information and might tell me about functions I haven’t discovered.

Then for the longer term it would be good to have some service documentation. I have two screens and one is low emission so I may need to do some work to get it working.

The other has some instabilities. Replacing the screen is not a simple matter as it supplies power to the base unit so information on that would also be useful.

Lastly, marketing information would also be welcome. I intend to take the screens to some vintage computing events and that sort of information is always useful."

Dave Wade

Den nedersta länken i rutan nedan visar bilder på utrustningen.

Skriv i kommentarsfältet nedan eller kontakta mig (mats.berglind@gmail.com) om ni vill ha
hans e-mail adress för direktkontakt.

A short presentation of Mr Dave Wade

I am a historic computing enthusiast.

I volunteer at the Museum of Science and Industry Manchester and demonstrate the replica 1948 valve computer.


(that’s me on the left). I built an FPGA

I help look after some of the old “public domain” IBM software releases.

I was briefly a user of the later Nokia product. When we de-commissioned the IBM Mainframe at my place of work I bought the 3270 terminals that we had.
I got two of the Nokia Alfaskope VDU472C and one Memorex Telex terminal.
I have since bought a couple of IBM 3174 controllers and have been replacing the floppy drives with Goteks, a floppy emulator.
I also own an I BM P390 S/390 development server, several DEC VAX and a couple of SUN SparcStations.

Some quick pics of the VDU are here:-


Dave Wade

/Mats Berglind

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